Bible Studies

We have a variety of Bible Studies, throughout the week, to help us grow in our knowledge and faith in God.

Relationship and Bible Groups - 9:45am Sundays

(or "R & B" Groups) Our Relationship and Bible Groups meet at 9:45 every Sunday morning to study the Bible and socialize. The groups are organized by age/life situation, so there is a group that will probably fit your needs. Stop by the Hospitality Center for current topics of study and other info on R&B Groups.

SUNDAY MORNING GROUPS, locations & teachers

  • College Crew/Young Adults - (FH 21 "the attic") - Dan Huber
  • Young Couples/Young Adults - (Room 103) - Craig McClung
  • 30 Something - (Room 105) - Robert Reed
  • Parents Awhile - (Room 104) - Allen Lay
  • Mid-lifers - (Room 102) - Richard Baskin
  • Empty Nest Awhile - (FH 7) - Chuck Morris & John Flint
  • Ambassadors for Jesus - (FH 8) - Bud Smith
  • Older Adults - (Room 101) - Bob Harris
  • Women of the Word - (FH-3) - Magdalena Stark
  • Clase de la Biblia en Español - (FH 1) - Rudy Morales
  • Hope Lives - (Fellowship Hall) - Larry Stark
  • Kitchen Class - (Fellowship Hall Kitchen) - Various

WEDNESDAYS have something for everyone!

Classes will meet from 7-8 pm.

For ages 2-Kindergarten class in the preschool hallway.

For 1-5th grade  class on the children's hallway  

For Middle School and High School-class will meet on the youth hallway

For adults-we will be meeting in the auditorium.

Stop by the Hospitality Center on Sunday mornings for directions and more information.