Agape Trail

Is a year-long program for sixth graders to bring them to a greater understanding of who God is, and how passionately He loves them.  Our goal is that each student will have a firm foundation upon which to build his own faith to sustain them in the difficult teen years to come.  It is also a program which helps students adapt to life in middle school and begins to build a team mindset among peers.  Throughout the school year, the sixth graders will have monthly Agape Trail Class on Sunday mornings, building toward the Agape Trail Retreat in May.  Activities on the retreat are designed to bring them to the point where they are fully able to receive the love of Christ and the love of their family.


The vision and purpose of Agape Trail:

To help 6th graders prepare to enter a new stage of life. Both as students (entering middle school) and  as Christians (beginning to form their own identities and beliefs about God, church, and family) your 6th grader is experiencing a lot of changes very rapidly. Agape trail is closely tied with our middle school milestone, and represents a significant shift as we begin to acknowledge both the family as a unit, and your child as an individual providing two separate events that are tied to the same milestone. One for your child--as a developing christian, and one for you as the parent---as you continue to learn how to best meet the needs of your developing christian.

Transitions come with many challenges but also many rewards. We feel it is essential for family based ministry to continue to partner with parents during this transition and to be there for them, to love them, and to support them by providing a special milestone class each fall for parents of 6th graders where we cover many aspects of middle school faith development  as well as access to resources, equipping events and whatever other needs we can help meet.


Agape Trail will be meeting in the baptistry area.

Agape Trail Dates (2nd Sunday of each month)
December 13th
January 10th
February 14th
March 13th
April 10th

Retreat Weekend—April 29-May 1, 2016


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